If I am certain about anything in Saints Haven, it is that they know what they are doing. As an educator myself, I know that three programmes makes a school;
Programmes (1) Studies, (2) Activities and (3) Guidance. Saints Haven takes these programmes quite richly in perfect blends for learners’ holistic development.
Administratively, the school understands, quite unusually of Nigeria private schools, the importance of a school community. Parents/Guardians are always consulted and considered on policies that will affect their (parents’ and guardians’) children or wards

My children have been in the school for a second session running, and I have never regretted taking my children there.
Mr Sholarin
While searching for school for our child, after studying and understanding the methodology of several schools in the neighbourhood, we realised that SAINTS HAVEN not only believes in the philosophy but practices it at every steps.
We were made to feel very welcome; members of staff treat our requests with respect and understanding. The school has a well balanced approach to academics and co-curricular activities.
In SAINTS HAVEN, each child is made to feel special, it's more like a friend that cares rather than a straight jackets one and this help in bringing out the best is our children.
As the school is expanding they are upgrading on the most important values which is truly amazing
Thanks to Saints haven for giving the kids a platform to become what are.
Mrs Kemiki
My son OLUWADAMILOJU ADEBAMBO joined the school (crèche) when he was barely 3 months old and in Nursery 2 now, the story has been tremendous.
What caught my attention at the start of our engagement with the school was the presence of Fire extinguishers, clinic and CCTV facility to review the footage of your child's activities during the day. They were basic yet, standard measures to suggest health and safety hence; I was assured my son would be in good hands.
The teachers and other members of staff are very courteous and highly professional
Today, my son speaks with confidence and very articulately too. The teachers have a one on one relationship with the pupils hence, able to work on their strengths and weaknesses. I am excited at his inquisition/ innovative mind and social interaction.
I'm a proud parent of SAINTS HAVEN SCHOOL.
I remembered when I brought my twins age 5years (James and John) to Saint Haven School; we just got back from overseas

They were unable to read and write because they've only attended pre-school over there.

The Schools overseas only allow children from 5yrs. Anyway, I approached the Director and explained to her. I was astonished how Saint Haven took up our case. They organized extra classes during the summer period for them to catch up with their mate. Less than a year my children could read and write. I am very grateful for their dedication towards my children's education.

God bless the entire staff of Saints Haven School.
Dr. Ayomide O. Adejuwon
Medical Practitioner
My experience about Saints Haven School is pretty good,

I value the combination of strong leadership, good teaching and a nurturing environment, the opportunities given to children to explore their imagination freely.

My children exhibiting exceptional focus and diligence in their work, taking ownership of their learning among their peer group outside the school gives me a strong confidence about the school.
Mrs Busari
I remember when I first sighted Saints Haven in a serene unnoticeable environment, it was the colorful building that attracted me, on further inquiring from the proprietress who I love to engage with when
I was searching for schools, made up my mind that I would consider the school as one of my choices despite the distance, my son was just two years by then but I was hesitant to let him start at that age, he was still in a crèche at ketu alapere close to our house. What really endeared me to the school more was the fact that for a whole year she was the only proprietress who got in touch with us ,always asking about our son like he was already their pupil even offered to help if distance was a barrier ,so when he clocked three years old which was the age I wanted him to start school, the school proactively took him and brushed him up for a whole month during their summer school thereby which he was able to cope with his peers of his age when he finally joined the school. Since then he has improved greatly and gone further to compete in their competitions where he has excelled so well, so I have no regrets at all, reason being that
1) They have got a listening patient, empathetic proprietress who always bringing new innovations to the school,
2) Hardworking, dedicated and caring teachers and non teaching staff,
3) The syllabus I can boast of is at par with other known big schools
4) They have affordable school fees you can pay easily at your convenience at an agreed stipulated time
5) The school is always self evolving with new ideas
6) The environment is very conducive and attractive for the kids to learn and play, And finally I would recommend more parents to bring their kids because I have recommended to some who wanted to change schools and they have no complaints despite the distance and I'll continue to do.
Am I saying they are the best, no but they are one of the best I have seen around even with the resources they have and are continually striving towards excellence.
Mrs Badiru