“He has made everything beautiful in its time” is a fitting reflection with respect to the establishment of Saints Haven School.

The establishment of the school was driven by a God ordained unction with high standard for love and excellence. Saints Haven School started operations with four children and four staff on the 5th of January, 2015 under the name Safe Haven Academy, a crèche, preschool and afterschool care. The school started in a four bedroom flat of four flats at No7 Adekunle street,off Adebakin,Off Aladelola, Ikosi ketu Lagos.

The mission was to provide a comfortable, nurturing, and protected “home away from home” place for infants, toddlers and afterschool. The school was not just a place to put babies and toddlers for safe keeping, the school also developed and practice the early childhood development curriculum combined with Montessori. By the end of year 2015 the school had 17 children in its enrollment and another flat added to its space.

By the end of first quarter 2017, the school enrollment had tripled due to successes and achievements of the school. The young preschoolers at their age of 2 – 3 years were beginning to read two to three letter words and very strong in their cognitive skills! The parents desired continuity. God was at work in making the school also a place of building solid and excellent learning foundation – Nursery and Primary!

By the middle of year 2017, the vision to incorporate the Nursery and Primary section was conceived. In line with the accreditation of the Nursery and Primary section the school name Safe Haven Academy metamorphosed to Saints Haven School with the school motto of “sure foundation”. It was with great gladness that we received from the Lord to become “Life Builders”, laying solid lifelong learning foundation.

At this time the school has started to occupy a whole building. A well articulated curriculum that blends the Nigerian and British curriculum was designed to facilitate the Nursery and Primary classes which took off in September of that same year.

2017/2018, the first academic session of Saints Haven School recorded a total of 65 pupils and 19 in the crèche and preschool – total of 84 children. By the end of its second session 2018/2019, the enrollment doubled! Activities increased as the population grew, and pupils could learn and enjoy from choice of varieties such as Swimming, Taekwondo, Ballet, Music, Robotics etc, the geometric growth of the vision has increased greatly. Presently we operate a Crèche, Nursery, Lower Primary and Upper primary.

Our strength - 1) Christ Jesus, we continually seek and submit to His guidance and direction and equally depend on Him to uphold our core values of love, respect, integrity and responsibility.
2) Working in synergy - parents, pupils and staff 3) Beautiful, Healthy and safe environment that encourages children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually 4) Child-centered - giving personalized attention to pupils.

Our great accomplishment is seeing our pupils excelling all round; spiritually, in creativity, in academics, in conduct, speech and handwriting!

We have a commitment to keep innovating to ensure we provide a 21st century care and education that prepares our pupils for their future.

We welcome you to join this vibrant community.

Toyin Durodola
Founder/School Director