Saints Haven School Anthem

Saints Haven School
The life builder the Wisemaster builder
Building a lifelong learning foundation
A strong super future we are preparing

We have at our base Christ the rock
We have as our building blocks:
Excellence in Academic and creativity
We have godly character as our pillars

Our foundation will stand the test of time
Our foundation is indestructible
It is a Rock-Solid foundation
Our tomorrow’s success is assured

Saints Haven School Pledge

I promise to give my best and be ready to learn,
treat others with kindness and respect,
Keep our school safe and obey the rules.
So help me God

Saints Haven School Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for looking after our school and for loving each and everyone one of us here.
We are sorry if we have not been obedient.
Teach us to love each other and give us the strength and skills to do our best in all that we do.
Please help us to keep safe and make our school an haven of peace and happiness.