At Saints Haven School, We are delighted to have your child/ward in our midst. To help give him/her the solid foundation build upon Christ, to nurture and provide tool  necessary for his/her development.

~ Admission Officer

1. Admission: All children are welcome into our program regardless of race, sex, handicap, colour, national origin, or age. The child must be emotionally capable for participation in an all-day program.

2. How to Register: Enrollment WILL NOT is accepted over the telephone. Prior to the child’s first day, the parents are required to meet the Administrator/ School Director to tour the School, obtain required forms, and discuss the philosophy and program of the School. At this time, all policies are discussed and fee schedules explained to the parents. We ask that parents bring their child in prior to his/her first day, just to “look around” and get acquainted with the School.

3. Registration Form: Registration form for admission is obtained at the Front Desk Office. All children to be admitted should have their registration form duly filled by their parents or guardian. Completed form and teller evidence of payment should be returned to our office. In addition, every child is expected to send in a medical report from a reputable hospital and birth certificate copy. Any change of address, telephone number (work or home), or other pertinent information must be shared with the Administrator as soon as the change occurs.

Admission Process

To begin the Admission Process for your child or ward, 

please call the admission office on any of the following numbers:

08039754303, 08162811101, 07039766547

For further enquiries

click the link below or send mail to